There are several reasons to choose MJB Steel over other fabrication shops. We keep a large inventory of parts and supplies that other shops don’t normally carry, and we offer fast turnaround times on all of our fabrication services. MJB Steel also has the equipment and knowledge to handle orders of all sizes, from small handyman jobs to large commercial or industrial projects.

For your convenience, we can deliver your custom fabricated steel to any location throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. To ensure quality, we use grade 60 steel made right here in the United States, and our fabrication processes are CRSI compliant.


We Stock the Parts and Supplies You Need

Why preorder and wait for delivery when you can have same-day access to a variety of parts and supplies? We stock all of the following:


We have rebar available in pre-cut 20-foot lengths, and we can cut rebar to any size you need from 60-foot bars. Sizes range between 2 and 8, with size 9 available upon request.

Hoops and Stirrups

Hoops and stirrups are necessary for reinforcement and to maintain the correct spacing. We keep all standard sizes in stock so you can purchase them along with your rebar.


Bag ties, tie wire and dobies are needed to maintain proper horizontal and vertical spacing. These parts are always in stock, so you don’t need to worry if your supplies run low before the job is done.

Wire Mesh

Purchase prefabricated wire mesh panels to speed up your rebar installation process.

StrongGo TekWay ADA-Compliant Concrete Tiles

We are also a supplier of StrongGo’s TekWay Concrete Dome Tiles. Used to assist visually impaired persons, these tiles are durable, environmentally friendly and fully ADA compliant. They are available in five standard colors, and you can order them in custom colors to suit your needs. The iron oxide pigments are alkaline resistant and fade-proof.

These tiles offer extremely low water absorption, which helps them stay skid resistant in wet weather and makes them more durable against freeze and thaw cycles. In addition to their extraordinary durability, TekWay Concrete Dome Tiles use a patented anchoring system that guarantees easy installation.

Custom Fabrication Services

MJB Steel also has the equipment and skill to cut and bend rebar and steel reinforcement to your exact specifications. Our fabrication services include:

  • Spirals
  • Pier Cages
  • Grade Beam Cages
  • Wire Mats

With on-site hydraulic benders and shears, we guarantee quick turnaround times on custom fabricated products.